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Button-Everlasting Daisy

Introducing a new Musing Meanders fabric collection (and wallpaper) on my Spoonflower shop. The Button-Everlasting Daisy Collection includes a whimsical floral design with a choice of background colours, along with striped supporting fabrics and two solid colours.
You can find the designs on fabrics and wallpapers here, in my Spoonflower shop. Spoonflower also sell pre-made home decor products using my Musing Meanders fabric collections, including this latest one. If you prefer that option, you can shop for them through my Musing Meanders shop. These are available for each individual design. View products featuring the Button-Everlasting Daisy on Blue, here.

I’ve included some of the home decor products featuring Button-Everlasting Daisy collection fabrics in in the image, below.

New Musing Meanders fabric collection featuring designs by Lisa G Hunter.

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