‘Trunks’ an Abstract Landscape

'Trunks' - Lisa G Hunter - Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve found an affinity with intuitive painting in an abstract style, using acrylic paint. My most recent work is the largest I’ve done at 100cm (40 inches) square. Titled ‘Trunks’, this work reflects the process of creation, with multiple textured layers. The main tree could be seen as an elephant’s trunk, the tree(s) to the [...]

2019 Explorations 2: Eco-Dying

Continuing the review of new art forms I explored in 2019, Eco-dying was a surprise pleasure. This beginners workshop was run by Irene Pagram from Colac as part of the Art In Dereel workshop program. Combined with an introduction to felting, by Jane Bear, also from Colac, this was a full day workshop. I enjoyed [...]