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Image showing close-up of the Scented Sundew fabric design. Also two images showing Scented Sundew as a table cloth, and as wallpaper.

My new Scented Sundew fabric and wallpaper design features a large, hand-drawn wildflower commonly found in Central Victoria, Australia. Fresh and whimsical, this design is ideal for accents around the home. You can see these in my Musing Meanders shop on Spoonflower.

Scented Sundews (Drosera Aberrans) flower at the end of winter, and into the beginning of spring. Their pure white flowers contrast with bright green leaves covered with red, sticky hairs. Growing wild in the bushland around our home, the appearance of the Scented Sundews marks the transition in seasons for me, and I wonder at their beauty every year.

In addition to being available on a range of fabrics and wallpapers, the Scented Sundew design is also available in home decor, including table cloths, tea towels, napkins, table runners, cushions and bedding.

Find it here on Spoonflower. If you want to be notified each time I release a new fabric and wallpaper design, you can join my list here.

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More information on Musing Meanders is here.

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