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My studio in the bush - Lisa G Hunter Creative

Where bushland and creativity meet

My Dereel studio is situated on 15 acres of sclerophyll bushland. The studio itself is relatively new, but I’ve been inspired by the flora and fauna here for the past 11 years. Poetry, photography, floral surface designs, abstract landscapes – they all come from this land.

If you are interested in the flora and fauna, check out my website Fifteen Acres.

  • ‘Lakeside’


    Abstract landscape Lakeside’ painted by Lisa G Hunter, is currently part of the Ballarat Art Foundation exhibition ‘Eureka Art Award’. The exhibition is being held at the Fairbanks Eye Gallery, 917A Sturt Street, Ballarat until 9th December 2023. Read more

  • BAF Mentorship Program

    BAF Mentorship Program

    What does it mean to receive a BAF Mentorship? A short reflection on creativity. Read more

  • Arts Trail Preparation

    Arts Trail Preparation

    At the moment, my Golden Plains Arts Trail preparation is ramping up with my own art. Over the last few months I have been working closely with Glynis M Bryden, Barry Wemyss and other members of GP Arts Inc. to organise the Arts Trail. These are voluntary roles, and we have all been trying to… Read more

  • My First Open Studio

    My First Open Studio

    On the first weekend in May, I am having my first open studio. After an absence of 3 years, the Golden Plains Arts Trail is back. I usually participate with other local artists in the Dereel Soldier’s Memorial Hall, but in the intervening years, I’ve built my own art studio. I’m Venue 7 on the… Read more

  • New Musing Meanders Fabric Collection

    New Musing Meanders Fabric Collection

    Discover the Button-Everlasting Daisy collection by Lisa GHunter for Musing Meanders, on Spoonflower. Read more

  • Scented Sundew design

    Scented Sundew design

    My new Scented Sundew design is now available in a range of fabrics and , wallpapers, as well as home decor products. Read more

  • ‘Trunks’ an Abstract Landscape

    ‘Trunks’ an Abstract Landscape

    …this is the wonder of abstract work: we all bring our own experience… Read more

  • 2019 Explorations 2: Eco-Dying

    2019 Explorations 2: Eco-Dying

    Eco-dying avoids using chemicals as a mordant. In place of this, the fabric and paper are wrapped around items made from iron, copper or aluminium to fix the dye to the fabric through boiling them together for a couple of hours. The results are just stunning! Read more

  • 2019: Recovery Through Art

    2019: Recovery Through Art

    At the end of 2018 I had extensive surgery on my spine, which meant I could not bend to take macro photographs of wildflowers: the basis of my digital art. Nor could I use the computer to create surface design patterns for fabric and scarves. Thankfully I am part of an arty community. I spent… Read more

  • Ant Eye

    Ant Eye

    Arty ants build a nest beneath a fallen branch. Sculpture by nature. Read more

  • The Shifting Shadow

    The Shifting Shadow

    A shadow is misshapen reality. Elongated or shortened by the angle of the sun, familiar objects appear distorted, muted, hidden. As the sun shifts, so does the shadow, and we see the world anew. Perhaps the colours are brighter than we remember or, lit from a different angle, we see the cracks that had escaped our attention.… Read more

  • Curves and Cazneaux

    Curves and Cazneaux

    Many years ago on a visit to Canberra, I happened across an exhibition of Harold Cazneaux’s photography. Read more

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