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'Trunks' - Lisa G Hunter - Acrylic on Canvas

My Art Studio in the Bush

Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’d like to introduce you to my Dereel art studio, set in 15 acres of bushland. I’m a writer, artist and instructional designer, and you can find out more about me here.

Photographs of an art studio interior and a bushland seting
My Dereel art studio is situated on 15 acres of bushland.

Abstract Landscapes

'Trunks' - Lisa G Hunter - Acrylic on Canvas
‘Trunks’ – Lisa G Hunter
Acrylic on Canvas

Nature Photography

Photograph "Wild Pea Flowers"
Wild pea flowers
photographed in bushland on our property.


Fabric swatch 'Eucalyptus Leaves'
‘Eucalyptus Leaves’
fabric design on Spoonflower
under my label Musing Meanders
Photograph of materials for Journal to the Self

Journal to the Self Course

The Journal to the Self course covers 18 different journaling techniques which will help you to explore the various aspects of yourself, your life and your relationships with other people. This might interest you if you are considering change, or if you want to record your joys, or to work through something which is concerning you.

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The bushland around our house is sclerophyll forest, with wonderful texture and colour.