Everyday Inspiration: 10 Books Which Stayed With Me

The actual challenge for today is to write a list addressing what I like or what I've learned.  I think this list of books covers both. 'Jane Eyre', Charlotte Bronte This book was one of the first adult novels I read as a child.  Jane's independent spirit and attraction to the inner person and ideas … Continue reading Everyday Inspiration: 10 Books Which Stayed With Me

Everyday Inspiration: Why I Write

"I write because..." seems a daunting way to begin a blog post.  It's too definitive and I've always been more reflective - skipping between thoughts or compulsions.  Trying to pin down something specific often makes it disappear, so I tend to sneak up on the idea I want to capture.  Confronting it head-on rarely works. Often I get caught up … Continue reading Everyday Inspiration: Why I Write

The Shifting Shadow

A shadow is misshapen reality. Elongated or shortened by the angle of the sun,¬†familiar objects appear distorted, muted, hidden. As the sun shifts, so does the shadow, and we see the world anew. Perhaps the colours are brighter than we remember or, lit from a different angle, we see the cracks¬†that had escaped our attention. … Continue reading The Shifting Shadow