A Swamp Wallaby in the Garden

Winter in 2015 was quite dry, and the Swamp Wallaby was often seen near the house - which is when I took this photograph.  It's actually eating the native plants in the garden, after drinking from the water feature. Thankfully, this Winter has been much wetter, with lots of food for wallabies in the bush. … Continue reading A Swamp Wallaby in the Garden

The Shifting Shadow

A shadow is misshapen reality. Elongated or shortened by the angle of the sun, familiar objects appear distorted, muted, hidden. As the sun shifts, so does the shadow, and we see the world anew. Perhaps the colours are brighter than we remember or, lit from a different angle, we see the cracks that had escaped our attention. … Continue reading The Shifting Shadow


Experimenting with Product Photographs: Outside

After my first attempt to photograph a product featuring one of my photographs in an interior setting, I thought I might have more of a narrative in an exterior setting.   This is an assessed series of photographs for a course in Photography and Social Media which I am completing. To achieve ten interesting photographs … Continue reading Experimenting with Product Photographs: Outside