A Swamp Wallaby in the Garden

Winter in 2015 was quite dry, and the Swamp Wallaby was often seen near the house – which is when I took this photograph.  It’s actually eating the native plants in the garden, after drinking from the water feature.

Thankfully, this Winter has been much wetter, with lots of food for wallabies in the bush. We haven’t seen any wallabies up close this Winter.  While I miss seeing them happily munching away just outside the window, I must admit I am thankful they don’t need to eat the garden this year.  I guess they will return in Summer when there is less to eat in the bush.

A Swamp Wallaby happily munching away on our native plant garden in 2015.
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Climbing Sundew Flowers

Recently, on sunny winter days, the Climbing Sundew (Drosera macrantha) flowers open into beautiful, clear white blooms.  I’ve posted photographs of Sundew flowers before. They are one of my favourite wild flowers.  In addition to the beauty of the flowers, they have fascinating leaves. Designed to catch insects, the leaves of the Climbing Sundew are round, concave and fringed with sticky red ‘hairs.’  Other species of Sundews have differently shaped leaves.  I will post photos of some of these species when they come into flower.

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Nodding Greenhood Orchids

Nodding Greenhoods (Pterostylis nutans) a native Australian terrestrial orchid, begin flowering in the bushland in mid-Winter.  Usually they grown in colonies and it is always a wonderful sight to come across a patch of them.  I photographed this small group at the end of July.

The graceful flowers of the Nodding Greenhood Orchid.