Pen and Paper: The Sensuality of Journaling

Moving house three years ago, I realised just how many journals I had collected over the years. Many of them have only a few handwritten pages – the rest being blank. Very few are almost full. I don’t think I can boast a single completed journal. Yet each time I enter a stationers, or a good gift shop, I am drawn to the journals. I need to handle them. Feel their weight. Assess the quality and colour of the pages. Run my fingers along the cut edge of the page to feel if it is smooth or rough. Each new journal has a certain smell. I particularly like heavy-duty paper and leather, but knowing this is not very practical, I am usually strong enough to leave them in the shop and buy something less intimidating. Making an imperfect mark in a perfectly constructed journal would just be a waste. Continue reading “Pen and Paper: The Sensuality of Journaling”