A collection of long blog posts and essays.  Some of these originally appeared on my site Musing Meanders.

roasted-coffee-beans-in-the-cooling-tray Images for a Social World: Coffee Roasting - Specialty Coffee Roasters source quality green coffee beans from many estates around the world. Among the options
white-daisy-on-black-background Inspiration: ViewBug’s Award System - I’m often conflicted when it comes to putting my best images online because it is so easy for people to copy them, breaching my copyright.  This is an issue in reverse when I like a photograph and would like to bookmark it in some way without breaching other people’s copyright – and without having a … Continue reading Inspiration: ViewBug’s Award System
Tonal-Landscape-Marbled-Xeneca-Butterfly-on-naturally-occurring-cross Photography: Finding My Style - Over the last eighteen months, I’ve made a subtle shift from Writer to Writer and Photographer.   In my writing, I’ve always enjoyed rich imagery and metaphor.  Much of my poetry is sparked from images that intrigue me and in prose, I try to make moments ‘visible’ to the reader.
Undecided of Corangamite: Changing Seats and Local Members - Last year we moved house. I’m not a political writer, and nor am I aspiring to be one. However, my experience in my new electorate has prompted me to consider the Australian Federal election from an entirely different perspective than I have in the past. Our new home is only 30 minutes’ drive from our … Continue reading Undecided of Corangamite: Changing Seats and Local Members
On Creative Writing Courses - Every so often I happen across a discussion of creative writing courses, and whether or not they are useful. The crux of these discussions seems to be whether or not it is possible to teach a person the creative skills they need to be truly innovative and original, or if this is an innate talent … Continue reading On Creative Writing Courses