Wild Flowers

Inspired by Wild Flowers (2/2/2017) - Four years ago, I knew nothing about our local wild flowers. Moving to a property with bushland piqued my curiosity about the larger, more noticeable species. I began to photograph them to identify what they were in field guides.  Along the way, I am fortunate to have met local people who showed me native orchids […]
Ballarat-art-exhibition-Flowers-Radmac Art Exhibition (2/1/2017) -
drosera-macrantha-climbing-sundew-open-flowers Climbing Sundew Flowers (8/20/2016) - Recently, on sunny winter days, the Climbing Sundew (Drosera macrantha) flowers open into beautiful, clear white blooms.  I’ve posted photographs of Sundew flowers before. They are one of my favourite wild flowers.  In addition to the beauty of the flowers, they have fascinating leaves. Designed to catch insects, the leaves of the Climbing Sundew are round, […]
photograph-nodding-greenhoods-with-moss-and-bark Nodding Greenhood Orchids (8/19/2016) - Nodding Greenhoods (Pterostylis nutans) a native Australian terrestrial orchid, begin flowering in the bushland in mid-Winter.  Usually they grown in colonies and it is always a wonderful sight to come across a patch of them.  I photographed this small group at the end of July.
Climbing-sundew-plant-showing-sticky-leaves Insectivorous Sundews (12/30/2014) - I find the sculptural beauty of the Sundew family of plants a constant draw in late Winter and Spring when they are at their peak.  The combination of clear green leaves, red sticky hairs and poppy-like buds, bursting into classically simple flowers are irresistible when I have the camera.  These insectivorous plants are also challenging to photograph […]
Guinea Flower Guinea Flower (2/24/2014) -
Spider Orchid Spider Orchid (2/18/2014) -