Reflections on Feedback

A vital part of the development process for creatives and artists is to receive honest critical feedback on their work.  Surprisingly, this can be extremely hard to find.   Good intentions - like the desire to avoid upset- can mean it is difficult for artists to know how their work is interpreted.  Without this knowledge it takes … Continue reading Reflections on Feedback

The Self Abstracted: Fun with Presets and Filters

Many years ago, when I completed formal studies in Professional Writing and Editing, it was drilled into the students that we must always be original and unique if we planned on using gradients and filters in software such as Photoshop.  A person who used the standard presets would be seen as a person who did not have … Continue reading The Self Abstracted: Fun with Presets and Filters


Online Identity: How to Proceed?

As a new photographer in an environment where everyone with a smart phone can potentially take great photos for use online, it's difficult to know how to proceed if, like me, you aim to sell your work. Over the last couple of years I have experimented with a few different platforms for showcasing my photographs. … Continue reading Online Identity: How to Proceed?