Reflections on Feedback

A vital part of the development process for creatives and artists is to receive honest critical feedback on their work.  Surprisingly, this can be extremely hard to find.   Good intentions - like the desire to avoid upset- can mean it is difficult for artists to know how their work is interpreted.  Without this knowledge it takes … Continue reading Reflections on Feedback


Three Mood Boards

Creating mood boards has been one of the huge pleasures I've encountered in my course. Narrowing in on a core element of what I want to express in my photography, or differentiating between aspects of my creative self has enabled me to view my work from new perspectives. While I think I have always had these distinctions … Continue reading Three Mood Boards


Conceptualising The Self – Part 1, The Personal Self

As a person who prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it, the idea of creating a series of self portraits was daunting.  Precisely because of this, my online profile was sorely in need of some updating. And,  as the first piece of assessment in my Social Media and Photography course, … Continue reading Conceptualising The Self – Part 1, The Personal Self