Images for a Social World: Coffee Roasting

Specialty Coffee Roasters source quality green coffee beans from many estates around the world. Among the options open to them are buying through an Australian importer or directly trading with estates. These days, options to buy organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Ethically Traded coffee beans are readily available. While there are coffee growing regions within Australia, … Continue reading Images for a Social World: Coffee Roasting


Ten themed images: Choosing an Audience

Having experimented with fallen bark and leaves, interior shots of products and exterior shots of products, I have finally settled on a process of coffee roasting for my ten themed images.  This is for a course in Photography and Social Media I am completing. One reason for a coffee roasting theme is my partner is a … Continue reading Ten themed images: Choosing an Audience


Coffee ‘Shopped

Still-life photography is a new direction for me, as is the creation of digital art from photographs.  My partner is a coffee roaster, so photographing aspects of coffee was a pretty natural choice to make.  Here are four images from my 2015 calendar "Coffee 'Shopped".  If you would like to see all twelve images, here is … Continue reading Coffee ‘Shopped