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My studio in the bush - Lisa G Hunter Creative

Where bushland and creativity meet

My Dereel studio is situated on 15 acres of sclerophyll bushland. The studio itself is relatively new, but I’ve been inspired by the flora and fauna here for the past 11 years. Poetry, photography, floral surface designs, abstract landscapes – they all come from this land.

If you are interested in the flora and fauna, check out my website Fifteen Acres.

  • Pen and Paper: The Sensuality of Journaling

    Pen and Paper: The Sensuality of Journaling

    Moving house in 2012, I realised just how many journals I had collected over the years. Many of them have only a few handwritten pages – the rest being blank. Very few are almost full. I don’t think I can boast a single completed journal. Yet each time I enter a stationers, or a good… Read more

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