Digital Journal: Photography and Social Media

This page began as a digital journal for the course Photography and Social Media through the University of Tasmania.  The assessment required reflection on photographic influences,  how to represent ‘the self’ in an image, and narratives within imagery, among other themes.

white-daisy-on-black-background Inspiration: ViewBug’s Award System (2/26/2016) - I’m often conflicted when it comes to putting my best images online because it is so easy for people to copy them, breaching my copyright.  This is an issue in reverse when I like a photograph and would like to bookmark it in some way without breaching other people’s copyright – and without having a … Continue reading Inspiration: ViewBug’s Award System
green-coffee-beans-in-hessian-sack Ten themed images: Choosing an Audience (2/26/2016) - Having experimented with fallen bark and leaves, interior shots of products and exterior shots of products, I have finally settled on a process of coffee roasting for my ten themed images.  This is for a course in Photography and Social Media I am completing. One reason for a coffee roasting theme is my partner is a … Continue reading Ten themed images: Choosing an Audience
fallen-gumleaves-with-phone-cover-on-ground Experimenting with Product Photographs: Outside (2/24/2016) - After my first attempt to photograph a product featuring one of my photographs in an interior setting, I thought I might have more of a narrative in an exterior setting.   This is an assessed series of photographs for a course in Photography and Social Media which I am completing. To achieve ten interesting photographs … Continue reading Experimenting with Product Photographs: Outside
studio-pouch-with-green-throw-pillow-and siamese-cat Experimenting with Product Photographs: Inside (2/23/2016) - It’s one thing to take a good photograph and use it to create a unique product.  Once it’s done, how do you market these products? For the second project in my Photography and Social Media course, I need to submit ten themed photographs which create a narrative.  I thought I might experiment with products and … Continue reading Experimenting with Product Photographs: Inside
sun-orchids-photographed-against-red-bracken-stem Inspiration: Mapplethorpe’s Flowers (2/23/2016) - Aesthetically, my flower photographs look nothing like Robert Mapplethorpe’s flower photographs.  He took structured studio photographs of flowers in vases, set against strong light, or coloured backgrounds. I take photographs of wild flowers in the bush with backgrounds of moss, lichen, fallen bark, rotting leaves, bracken and whatever happens to be there. Yet when I … Continue reading Inspiration: Mapplethorpe’s Flowers
Fallen-bark-leaves-and-branches Fallen: A Themed Gallery (1/21/2016) - Having completed the self portrait project, our next assessed work is a series of ten images which are themed...
Reflections on Feedback (1/15/2016) - A vital part of the development process for creatives and artists is to receive honest critical feedback on their work.  Surprisingly, this can be extremely hard to find.   Good intentions – like the desire to avoid upset- can mean it is difficult for artists to know how their work is interpreted.  Without this knowledge it takes … Continue reading Reflections on Feedback
mood-board-showing-products-created-from-nature-photography Three Mood Boards (1/15/2016) - Creating mood boards has been one of the huge pleasures I’ve encountered in my course. Narrowing in on a core element of what I want to express in my photography, or differentiating between aspects of my creative self has enabled me to view my work from new perspectives. While I think I have always had these distinctions … Continue reading Three Mood Boards
The Self Abstracted: Fun with Presets and Filters (1/15/2016) - Many years ago, when I completed formal studies in Professional Writing and Editing, it was drilled into the students that we must always be original and unique if we planned on using gradients and filters in software such as Photoshop.  A person who used the standard presets would be seen as a person who did not have … Continue reading The Self Abstracted: Fun with Presets and Filters
tabla-rasa-blank-tablet-screen-and-blank-journal-page Conceptualising the Self – Part 2, A Selfie without “Me” (1/14/2016) - Faced with the task of submitting three photographs representing myself for the Project 1 assessment, I began with photographs of my face, as outlined in ‘Conceptualising the Self – Part 1, the Personal Self’.   However, we are being encouraged to explore ways of representing the self without showing our faces, or by showing parts … Continue reading Conceptualising the Self – Part 2, A Selfie without “Me”