studio-pouch-with-green-throw-pillow-and siamese-cat

Experimenting with Product Photographs: Inside

It's one thing to take a good photograph and use it to create a unique product.  Once it's done, how do you market these products? For the second project in my Photography and Social Media course, I need to submit ten themed photographs which create a narrative.  I thought I might experiment with products and … Continue reading Experimenting with Product Photographs: Inside


Inspiration: Mapplethorpe’s Flowers

Aesthetically, my flower photographs look nothing like Robert Mapplethorpe's flower photographs.  He took structured studio photographs of flowers in vases, set against strong light, or coloured backgrounds. I take photographs of wild flowers in the bush with backgrounds of moss, lichen, fallen bark, rotting leaves, bracken and whatever happens to be there. Yet when I … Continue reading Inspiration: Mapplethorpe’s Flowers