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Climbing Sundew Flowers

Recently, on sunny winter days, the Climbing Sundew (Drosera macrantha) flowers open into beautiful, clear white blooms.  I’ve posted photographs of Sundew flowers before. They are one of my favourite wild flowers.  In addition to the beauty of the flowers, they have fascinating leaves. Designed to catch insects, the leaves of the Climbing Sundew are round, concave and fringed with sticky red ‘hairs.’  Other species of Sundews have differently shaped leaves.  I will post photos of some of these species when they come into flower.

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Fallen: A Themed Gallery

Having completed the self portrait project, our next assessed work is a series of ten images which are themed.  I haven’t yet decided on a theme, but given I usually photograph nature, I thought I would begin there.  This morning the light was soft due to an overcast sky, which brought out the natural colours of the bushland.   Dry conditions mean that trees are losing branches, bark is peeling away, and leaves litter the ground.  As I walked, I settled on the theme of ‘Fallen’ for this series.

The word ‘Fallen’ has a number of connotations, so I enjoyed trying to capture a range of aspects in my photographs.  Some fallen logs are homes for wildlife, others resemble human forms, others form geometrical objects.  In some, I simply liked the contrasting colours.

Given this is an exploration, I have posted 17 photos unedited.  I may choose one or two to work on and re-post them.  In the meantime, I am interested to know which ones catch your eye and why.