Images for a Social World: Coffee Roasting


Specialty Coffee Roasters source quality green coffee beans from many estates around the world. Among the options open to them are buying through an Australian importer or directly trading with estates. These days, options to buy organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Ethically Traded coffee beans are readily available. While there are coffee growing regions within Australia, [...]

Mapplethorpe’s Flowers


Aesthetically, my flower photographs look nothing like Robert Mapplethorpe's flower photographs.  He took structured studio photographs of flowers in vases, set against strong light, or coloured backgrounds. I take photographs of wild flowers in the bush with backgrounds of moss, lichen, fallen bark, rotting leaves, bracken and whatever happens to be there. Yet when I [...]

Curves and Cazneaux


Many years ago on a visit to Canberra, I happened across an exhibition of Harold Cazneaux's photography.  At the time he was unknown to me, but I found myself drawn to his photographs of ships and ferries in Sydney, all photographed in the early part of the 19th Century.  One in particular "A Study in Curves" [...]



I was in Beechworth for a flying visit last week.  There wasn't much time to look around, but we stayed near the Cemetery and drove past the facade of the Ovens District Hospital.  Photographs taken at these two locations form the gallery below. The Hospital was constructed in the years 1862-1864 and demolished in 1940.