For most of my life I have been a writer. By profession, I was an Instructional Designer. Creatively, I wrote poetry, short story and personal essay. Then I moved to a rural property in a town with many interesting, talented, creative people. At the same time, I became ill. Suddenly I had time to explore and an inspirational environment.

I experienced a shift in creative expression from writing to visual art. I started by photographing the landscape around me. Finding and capturing the intricate details of wildflowers became a passion. Seeking a way to show these details I moved to digital art then fabric design. Now I am exploring painting and monoprinting.

Working with other local people, I have participated in community art exhibitions and developed the profile of art in our community. We recently were successful in gaining a community grant to run art workshops. Nothing gives me greater enjoyment than sitting down with like-minded people to create.

On this website, I have tried to pull together the threads of my creativity: writing, photography, art, inspiration and community. For me, each is intricately linked to the other.


I was born in Warrnambool, Victoria, and lived there for 25 years before moving to Melbourne, and then Ballart. Currently I live in Dereel, a small town without any structured commercial district, where the population is dispersed. The heart of our town is the community centre.

Among other qualifications, I hold a Master of Creative Media (Creative Writing) from RMIT University.

Contact me:

P.0 Box 50
Rokewood, Victoria 3330