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Journal to the Self Course

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My studio is situated on 15 acres of bushland.

The Journal to the Self course is a writing program that focuses on self awareness and personal growth. It covers 18 different journaling techniques. These techniques will help you to explore the various aspects of yourself, your life and your relationships with other people. This might interest you if you are considering change. You will benefit if you want to record your joys, or work through something which is concerning you. The techniques are also helpful if you have experienced loss or you just want to live differently.

Kathleen Adams, psychotherapist and Director of the Centre for Journal Therapy, developed the program in 1985. The Journal to the Self course has successfully run in countries around the world for decades.

Benefits of this program are:

*Please note this is a writing course. It is NOT therapy.

Your Facilitator: Lisa Hunter

Everyone who teaches Journal to the Self has to complete a course of study through the Centre for Journal Therapy to become a Certified Instructor.

As well as holding the Certified Instructor, Journal to the Self, I’m a writer and artist and I use journaling techniques for my own creative projects. My formal qualifications include a Master of Creative Media (Creative Writing). Professionally, I have worked in the corporate sector as an Instructional Designer, creating training materials and workshops. You can find out more about my background here.

Options for Groups and Individuals

Journal to the Self is a 12 hour program. Usually I run this as 4 x 3-hour sessions. However, upon request from groups and individuals, I can run it as a 2 day intensive course, or in 2-hour blocks over six weeks. If either of these options seem right for you, please let me know in the contact form below.

Current Course Dates

No courses are scheduled at the moment, but if you are interested in booking one, please contact me through the form below.

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