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Hi, I’m Lisa. My creativity comes from many sources. I was born in Warrnambool, Victoria, a beautiful regional city on the coast. I lived there for 25 years before moving to Melbourne, and then inland to Ballarat. Currently I live in Dereel, a small town without any structured commercial district, where the population is dispersed. The heart of our town is the community centre. Our property is Trust for Nature land, preserving the bushland into perpetuity. My studio is home to many photographs and paintings inspired by the bushland and the wild flowers which grown here.


My formal qualifications include a Master of Creative Media (Creative Writing) and an Associate Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT University and a Bachelor of Arts (Social Science) from Deakin University. I hold qualifications in assessment and workplace training and microcomputer technology as well.

Recently I have been enjoying many short courses in art therapy, journaling, memoir, personal essay and other creative techniques.

As an Instructional Designer I wrote training programs for corporate companies across a range of topics.

Creative Work

For most of my life I have been a writer. By profession, an Instructional Designer, and through passion, a creative writer. Creatively, I wrote poetry, short story and personal essay. When I moved to Dereel I met many visual artists. At the same time, I became ill. Suddenly I had time to explore and an inspirational healing environment. My creative expression quickly expanded to include visual art.

I started by photographing the landscape around me. Finding and capturing the intricate details of wildflowers became a passion. Seeking a way to show these details I moved into digital art, then fabric design. Now I am exploring painting and monoprinting. You can see my work here.

Working with other local people, I have participated in community art exhibitions and have worked as a volunteer in Art In Dereel and GP Arts Inc to developed the profile of art in our community. Art In Dereel recently were successful in gaining a community grant to run art workshops in Dereel. Nothing gives me greater enjoyment than sitting down with like-minded people to create.

On this website, I have tried to pull together the threads of my creativity: writing, photography, art, inspiration and community. For me, each is intricately linked to the other.

Lisa G Hunter on Patreon

I am starting a Patreon Page where I offer subscription based services, including my time. According to need, I may add levels over time.

The link to my Patreon page is here.

Contact me:

P.0 Box 50
Rokewood, Victoria 3330

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