Art, Writing and Photography

a studio In the bush

Many of my works invoke the bushland of Central Victoria or are inspired by it because I walk in it every day. Every day it looks different. The light, the season and the weather show me new things each time.

If you want to know more about native flora and fauna, visit my nature blog, – otherwise, explore this site for my art, workshops, courses and shop links.

“Cockatoo” Photograph


Wildflowers, bushland textures and wildlife feature in my photographs. See more photos here.

Eucalyptus Collection Textile Design

Surface Designs

Find out more about my original designs for scarves, interior furnishings, fabrics and more.

Section of “Leaves” Mixed Media


Paintings in acrylics, mixed media and watercolour, along with mono-prints using acrylic inks.

Pink Lady

‘Pink Lady’ Lisa G Hunter

I am floating beneath the water with clouds in my hair,

 I can’t lift my head
    the light is too bright
        yet it’s dark down here

 my lungs burst with the need for clear air

 I dare not breathe

 I want to savour this weightless
 clear-minded nothingness
 as I float on the cusp of the elements

 where sky meets water
 I am neither earth, nor air, 
 thought, nor feeling,

 until I break the surface,
 I am at peace

© Lisa G Hunter