Arts Trail Preparation

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At the moment, my Golden Plains Arts Trail preparation is ramping up with my own art. Over the last few months I have been working closely with Glynis M Bryden, Barry Wemyss and other members of GP Arts Inc. to organise the Arts Trail. These are voluntary roles, and we have all been trying to balance the work for the group and the work on our own art.

It’s getting close now – 9 days to go! I’m working on a series of abstract landscape paintings in acrylics. Usually I work on one painting at a time, so it has been a different experience to have a few works in progress happening at the same time.

The painting ‘Trunks’ was the foundation work for this series. I completed that a couple of years ago and have been exploring my approach to abstract work since then. As a result, I have some small works, and some large works to show you.

My process is often a slow one. The abstract paintings have many layers, and I love to build up texture I can feel with my fingers. It’s exciting to see the series coming together, and if you are able to visit the studio over the weekend of the Arts Trail, I would love to see you. I’m Venue 7 on the North Trail. You can download the brochure from this page.

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