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‘Trunks’ an Abstract Landscape

'Trunks' - Lisa G Hunter - Acrylic on Canvas

'Trunks' - Lisa G Hunter - Acrylic on Canvas Abstract landscape, 100cm x 100cm (40inches x 40 inches)

I’ve found an affinity with intuitive painting in an abstract style, using acrylic paint. My most recent work is the largest I’ve done at 100cm (40 inches) square.

Titled ‘Trunks’, this work reflects the process of creation, with multiple textured layers. The main tree could be seen as an elephant’s trunk, the tree(s) to the right could be seen as the space between the purple and green verticals, or the actual vertical lines. Perhaps it is a water pool with reflection, or perhaps it is a grassland merging with forest. Are there people around a campfire in the centre?

All of these things have been put to me.

To me, this is the wonder of abstract work: we all bring our own experience to the work. For each person, ‘Trunks’ is about something unique to the viewer.

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