Inspired by Wild Flowers

Photographs and digital art featuring Central Victorian wild flowers.

Four years ago, I knew nothing about our local wild flowers. Moving to a property with bushland piqued my curiosity about the larger, more noticeable species. I began to photograph them so I could identify what they were in field guides.  Along the way, I am fortunate to have met local people who showed me native orchids and lilies, some only a few centimeters high. I caught the bug, wanting to document all of the species growing in our bushland.

Somewhere along the way, identification turned into artwork. I began creating digital art to emphasise features of the flowers. This evolved into creating fabric designs.

Framed prints and canvas prints.

Yesterday, the culmination of this work was the opening of my exhibition “Wild: flowers of Central Victoria” showcasing work in all three forms. If you live in Ballarat, or are passing through, drop by Radmac, 110 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat and take a look.  ‘Wild’ runs throughout February 2017.

Lisa G Hunter

I write, create visual art - photography, fabric designs, digital art - and enjoy capturing the flora and fauna of the Central Victorian bushland in my work.

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