Experimenting with Product Photographs: Outside

After my first attempt to photograph a product featuring one of my photographs in an interior setting, I thought I might have more of a narrative in an exterior setting.   This is an assessed series of photographs for a course in Photography and Social Media which I am completing.

To achieve ten interesting photographs which are themed and together create a narrative, I thought  ‘taking my products for a walk’ might be a good theme.  This meant I could use a few different items and place them in a range of settings to represent a day meandering around in the bushland.  As most of my photographs were originally taken in this same bushland, it would represent both the origin and the culmination of each product.

Conceptually, I liked the idea a great deal. However, to submit photographs taken while I am completing the course, means photographing the items in dry, Summer bushland, rather than lush Spring bushland when the original photographs were taken. Even submitting a collage or mood board with the original Spring photography is not permitted in the assessment criteria.

In Spring a variety of flowers are in bloom, the mosses and lichens are a rich green, wet bark can range from a pale grey, through yellow, pink, salmon, ochre, rust and into deep burgundy and browns.  Often colourful fungi and bright new growth on bracken, heath and trees adds bright green to the mix.  Dotted among this are white, pink, yellow, mauve, purple and blue wild flowers.  So, not being able to include the original photographs means the palette of background colours for a Summer shoot is limited to the yellow of dried native grass, brown and grey bracken, as it dies off, and dry, brown, bark.

Given this limitation, I felt the background was too uniformly drab to create an interesting narrative over ten photographs.  I think I will come back to this idea in Spring 2016 and try it again.  For now, here are some of the photographs with a Summer bushland background.


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