Experimenting with Product Photographs: Inside

It’s one thing to take a good photograph and use it to create a unique product.  Once it’s done, how do you market these products?

For the second project in my Photography and Social Media course, I need to submit ten themed photographs which create a narrative.  I thought I might experiment with products and branding for my Musing Meanders website and series of online shops. While I have dabbled my toe in the water here and there with advertising and promoting the sites, I haven’t yet tried to develop a real brand identity beyond having a logo.

In my first series of photographs, I thought I would try placing products inside, as if they are in use and I have literally got up and walked away for a few minutes.  Of course, when I walked away, my cats walked in to see what on earth I was doing.  A studio pouch I was using to house a Android tablet quickly became a cat pillow.  I suppose I could have turned the themed series into a comic look at cat behaviour, but I decided against that, attempting to regain some control over the display.

While I liked some of the photographs, I came to the conclusion that this theme would not be strong enough for the assessment criteria.  Among other reasons, I realised that how I used the studio pouch would not necessarily be how potential buyers might use it.  To vary the setting would require access to spaces in other homes, offices and cafes.  I decided to try a different approach in the next shoot.

Here are some shots from that first session.

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