Three Mood Boards

Creating mood boards has been one of the huge pleasures I’ve encountered in my course. Narrowing in on a core element of what I want to express in my photography, or differentiating between aspects of my creative self has enabled me to view my work from new perspectives. While I think I have always had these distinctions in my head, I came to realise they were not always well expressed for other people.  I plan on continuing this practice will help me to communicate aspects of my brand more effectively.

Here are three mood boards which show the progression from the personal self, through the creative self, to a brand.

1.The Personal Self

A starting point, The Comforts of Home focused in on domestic pleasures.


Writing, cooking, good coffee, books, nature and my cats. These are the everyday experiences in my life.  I also enjoy the aesthetics of natural light reflecting off glass, flowers and looking out the window to see wild birds.

These things repeat in my day to day experience.  Drawing down to the essence of a day, I found that the colours were not as bright as I expected them to be.  My day to day pallet is subdued in colour and tone. Grey and gold seem to be the predominant colours and shades.  Perhaps this is why the aesthetics of light through glass, or light reflecting off gemstones attracts me.

2.  The Creative Self

Comprising photographs and poetry I have exhibited as part of a local Arts Trail under the title ‘Layering The Landscape”


My creativity largely stems from nature.   I am fortunate to live in an environment where natural bushland affords me the opportunity to photograph bushland species of plants, animals and birds on a daily basis.  Subtle shifts in light can transform ordinary looking trunks or branches into  brilliantly glowing trees or a human-like forms on the forest floor.

The photographs I show on my mood boards are all my own work.  The poem and photograph  ‘Beneath’ comes from my first exhibition ‘Layering the Landscape’ where I exhibited photographs showing the landscape along with poems which used the photograph as a metaphor for emotions.

The palette here is rich in green, blue and gold.

3 The Self as Brand

The evolution of creativity into products offered for sale is represented in this mood board.



Musing Meanders is a business name I hold for the range of products I am creating from my photographs.  As I am a writer and a photographer, I commissioned a graphic designer to create a logo for me.  Tom, from Flat Elephant was able to encapsulate this with a design which could be a quill drawing a line, or a path, meandering through the bushland under a stylised tree, or a fallen leaf.  Just perfect.

The products on this mood board are all my own designs from my own photographs.

In this mood board, I like the solid panels of green which allow the logo and the products to have their own unique place – as if they are all sitting on a series of shelves.

Creating a cohesive brand image from the diverse range of products is my next challenge and I think this mood board is a step in right direction.  This is the self somewhat removed.  My next challenge is to capture the self as a professional and merge this with brand to create a well-rounded social media experience.

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