Conceptualising the Self – Part 2, A Selfie without “Me”

Faced with the task of submitting three photographs representing myself for the Project 1 assessment, I began with photographs of my face, as outlined in ‘Conceptualising the Self – Part 1, the Personal Self’.   However, we are being encouraged to explore ways of representing the self without showing our faces, or by showing parts of our face or body.

Much of my creative inspiration comes from nature in both photography and writing.  Often I use metaphors stemming from the natural world when writing about strong responses to life experiences.  I use photographs of nature to inspire writing, and photograph landscape which seems to hold something of the metaphors I write about. This interplay between image and text interests me, and informs the photographs in the gallery below.

The concept of escaping the nest came from my personal mood board The Comforts of Home, with my desk as the place of creation forming the background for all of the images. I collect feathers. and leaves from the ground in the bushland on our property, looking at leaves, flowers, buds, seeds and stems to identify the plant. These items are the stuff of everyday life for me.

Of the images above, I like ‘Tabla Rasa’ the best.  Representing the concept of the ‘blank slate” or starting over again, the concept of tabla rasa is also where creativity begins. For many artists and writers, there is nothing more confronting than a blank page, a blank screen, a blank canvas.  What to do with it?  Are we up to the task? Do we have anything to say? If we do, do we have anything worthy to say or are we just taking up more than our share of the precious air?




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