White Daisy

This simple photograph of a white daisy in my garden was my first attempt at digitally altering a photograph. My changes were small, as the background was already dark. So in reality, it was post processing with a small tweaks here and there.

I decided to load it up onto my Fine Art America site to see what it looked like as a tote bag, and I think it works really well.  There is no background clutter – just the hint of a stem and a leaf.  The deep pinks and blues in the centre of the flower add a pop of colour into an otherwise two-toned strong image.

While other sites offer custom design tote bags, I like the Fine Art America site because it allows the buyer to choose the fabric colour and the size of the image. What looks big and bold to me, might be over the top for someone else, so they can tone it down to suit their style without altering the image itself.

All of this has started me thinking about images for fabric as opposed to images to hang on the wall.  I think they are quite distinct.  In future posts I hope to explore this theme a little more, but for now I will simply post an image of the White Daisy Tote Bag.   I’m really curious about your response to the design, and would love to hear any feedback you have.

This simple image started me thinking about photographs which work well on fabric.

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