Digital Presets

Queenscliff Pier from the ferry.

Tonight I am contemplating the effects of Adobe Lightroom’s digital presets, using a photograph I took of the Queenscliff Pier in April.  When I took up photography, I was determined to learn how to capture a good photograph through good camera technique.  The idea of using software to alter the image did not appeal to me at all. However, digitally altered photographs are so prevalent, I decided that my views should come from an informed position rather than one of ignorance.

Tentatively, I adjusted setting after setting, eventually settling on the ‘Punch’ preset for this photograph.  It feels right because I grew up holidaying in Queenscliff with my grandmother. As children, we played on this beach, walked on the pier and swam in the sea.  I recall faded photographs and postcards kept by my mother and my grandmother.  This particular preset brings so many memories to the fore, and I find myself drawn to it in a way that is quite unexpected.

For comparison, the original image is below.

queenscliff-pier-taken-from-the ferry.
With a slight sea-mist and a grey sky, this photograph looks colourless compared to the digitally altered one.

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