Dear Little Rupert


Lisa G Hunter

I write, create visual art - photography, fabric designs, digital art - and enjoy capturing the flora and fauna of the Central Victorian bushland in my work.

3 thoughts on “Dear Little Rupert

  1. I first visited Beechworth cemetery in the mid 1970’s and was struck by the brevity and poignancy of that headstone. More recently I contacted the cemetery administration, hoping to learn something of the circumstances surrounding the child’s death or about his family; but I received no reply. Having only just looked up this topic again, I’m shocked that the headstone is no longer where it was.


  2. We went to the cemetery today …. and little Rupert’s headstone has vanished. We’ve contacted the cemetery folk and are hoping it’s just been removed for restoration and isn’t doing duty as a garden feature in someone’s home. So very sad. A friend had mentioned it to us as something rather poignant to see whilst in Beechworth.


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