Wild Flowers

Insectivorous Sundews

I find the sculptural beauty of the Sundew family of plants a constant draw in late Winter and Spring when they are at their peak.  The combination of clear green leaves, red sticky hairs and poppy-like buds, bursting into classically simple flowers are irresistible when I have the camera.  These insectivorous plants are also challenging to photograph because of the many angles and planes of varying sizes.  Here are four of my favourite shots.

Coffee, Digital Art

Coffee ‘Shopped

Still-life photography is a new direction for me, as is the creation of digital art from photographs.  My partner is a coffee roaster, so photographing aspects of coffee was a pretty natural choice to make.  Here are four images from my 2015 calendar “Coffee ‘Shopped“.  If you would like to see all twelve images, here is the link to the calendar which has been updated for 2016.   All twelve images are also available as cards and prints.